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 - Andrea -


and your life...

so you can show up with ease,

get more clients, & dream bigger.


I believe that enjoying your work and living with an open heart are the keys to a successful business.

My Values



When your head and heart are aligned, you become unstoppable! Being true to yourself is vital.



I believe that the ultimate purpose in life is to connect with your Self and with others. 



Kind people are my kind of people! Kindness truly makes the world brighter.

Connection > Transaction

Image by Mink Mingle

Authentic Andrea

A heart like Luna Lovegood, a work ethic like Hermione Granger, & not a fake like Gilderoy Lockhart. I care deeply about people and helping them achieve their dreams and goals. I am a business owner myself, so I understand the needs (and the overwhelm) that comes with handling every single aspect of your business. 

I am a digital nomad, traveling the world and finding joy in working for my global clients every single day. I am obsessed with all things magic (can you tell?) and always try to think outside of the box. I understand algorithms, strategies, and formulas - after-all, they exist for a reason. But my highest value is authenticity. I make sure I always stay true to my heart, and I encourage my clients to do the same. 

Image by Mink Mingle

My 'Past Lives'

For almost 10 years, I worked at a top 15 TV station and I absolutely loved it. I thrived in my Creative Services position and honed in on my skills as a marketer and event planner. Then I started 'waking up' and realizing that I needed to do even more with my life and get out of my bubble. I began traveling and living all over the world - volunteering, teaching at an international school and online, and developing my life coaching and VA businesses. 

Over the past 5 years, I have lived in 7 different countries and found a new zest for life. By experiencing new cultures, developing my businesses, and understanding my Self more, I can see how all of my 'past lives' have built up to my current life. A life that feels authentic and aligned with my soul (mixed in with lots of kiddos and dogs!). 



Not only am I an Online Business Manager, I'm also a certified Dream Interpreter and Lucid Dream Teacher. Merging my love for business with the mystical via Dream Life Connection, is like sharing my heart with the world. I have helped people understand their nighttime dreams, journal with their intuition, and manifest their daydreams. You'd be amazed at how powerful your dreams are, day and night!

Being a Biz Alchemist and a Dreamworker, all while traveling the world with my boyfriend, is literally my dream come true. That's why when we work together, not only do you get superior assistance, but also heart-felt support and guidance. Let's make your business grow and your dreams come true!

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Just For Fun...





Thailand, Vietnam, & Bulgaria (so underrated!).

Journaling, lattes, dogs, miniatures, & Animal Crossing.

Yoga, hot baths, & going on walks.

📍Da Nang,

Want To Explore More Of Your Magic?


It's all connected...

If you're interested in getting in touch with your intuition, understanding your dreams, and manifesting your hopes - you're invited to explore more mentoring offerings on Dream Life Connection. I offer strategy sessions and monthly mentoring to help spirits like you create the life of your dreams! Whether you're trying to create your dream business or dream life, there is magic to be found...


Business and Holistic Understanding

Not only does Andrea have a deep understanding of my goals as a business owner, but also as a holistic and spiritual individual needing to free up time in my schedule to honor those things. Andrea has been incredibly helpful; not only has she helped me with my back-end marketing, but she's also given me guidance on where my energy could best be used. She has such a broad range of knowledge and listens to what I need.

I also love Andrea's energy - she's made bringing someone else into my business journey feel really good, easy, and encouraging for the future of my dreams.

Kailee N.

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