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Virtual Alchemy Magic Laptop

The Virtual Alchemist

Peace of Mind & Growth for

Mindful Professionals

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Do you wish for more time, energy,
& results?

Ask and you shall receive!

With my assistance, you will receive what you want most: freedom. I take the weight off of your shoulders so you can focus on what you care about most. Not only that, your business also accelerates because I put all of my energy into proven strategies that drive traffic, attract clients, and increase brand awareness. Win/Win!


I speak your language. I understand you. I'm mindful, just like you... Plenty of muggles can provide assistance, but what you've been missing is an assistant that connects with your energy, spirit, and magic. I've got the experience working with big and small businesses, plus a heart that truly cares. You've been looking for help, and now you're here. Meant to be...

Virtual Alchemist

Your New


I'm Andrea Morrison, a Mentor & Online Business Manager for spiritual, mindful, and heart-centered professionals.

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What would you like to manifest?

I offer an extensive list of services to help you and your business.

Mentoring  |  Social Media  |  SEO & Marketing  |  Podcasts  |  Copywriting

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Grow Your Business


Not only does Andrea have a deep understanding of my goals as a business owner, but also as a holistic and spiritual individual needing to free up time in my schedule to honor those things. Andrea has been incredibly helpful; not only has she helped me with my back-end marketing, but she's also given me guidance on where my energy could best be used. She has such a broad range of knowledge and listens to what I need.

I also love Andrea's energy - she's made bringing someone else into my business journey feel really good, easy, and encouraging for the future of my dreams.

Kailee Nauman

Kailee Nauman Graphic Designer.webp

I have absolutely LOVED my time working with Andrea as my Virtual Alchemist! She went above and beyond to help me bring my visions to life. Andrea really blew me away with her attention to detail and level of service she provides. I felt like my business and projects were in such safe hands and felt like I could completely trust her with my precious creations. Not only did Andrea help me to bring my own visions to life but she also provided powerful insight and brilliantly creative ideas that have enhanced my business! I will be forever grateful for my time working with Andrea and cannot wait to work with her again on my next project.


Hayley Curtis


Let's take your business to the

Next Realm...

I'm ready!

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